What is Agile?

What is agile Software folks, distressed by the continual dilution of their energy commitment and talents, caused by dysfunctional ways of working, dysfunctional management, dysfunctional clients, took matters into their own hands and….… Continue reading

Understanding Scrum

Starting with Scrum Values Apart from the various core elements and roles, scrum is based on people interactions, and healthy interactions result to a healthy scrum implementation. Read again the agile manifesto values… Continue reading

Managing Product Backlogs

Learning Path Posts & Articles How detailed should the product backlog be?

Product Backlog Refinement

What is Product Backlog Refinement In Product Backlog refinement or grooming the items included in the backlog are enhanced with enough details, estimates, acceptance tests, order aiming to characterize them as “ready” for selection for… Continue reading

Product Backlog Prioritization

Learning Path

Understanding Product Planning

The Cone of Uncertainty in Iterative Development Learning Path Books User Story Mapping, Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product Agile Estimating and Planning Manage your Project Portfolio Agile Product Management with Scrum… Continue reading

User Stories Writing

The Real Story About User Stories Back in late 90’s Kent Beck came with the idea of stories as a way to solve one of the biggest problem in software development. The persistence… Continue reading

Product Backlog Estimation

Purpose of Estimation Estimation is valuable when it helps you make a significant decision, Martin Fowler Martin Fowler in this post share a few useful examples that highlights the importance of estimation in decision… Continue reading

Scrum Event, The Sprint Planning

Scrum Event, The Sprint Planning, to be updated soon

Scrum Event, The Sprint Review

What is sprint review Sprint Review meeting is an informal meeting and not a status meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to elicit feedback and foster collaboration. It’s the place where the… Continue reading